5) Life Membership Award - June 1993

6) Lion Melvin Jones Fellowship Award - 2011 / 12

7) Judge Brian Stevenson Fellowship Award - March 2014

 Lion Carl Has also held Office as Zone 8 Chairperson on the District Level in the Lions Year of 2015 / 16 .

Lion Carl has also served as a member of the Global Membership Team and currently serving as a member of the Quest Program .

 Lion Carl has attended a Leadership Skills Seminar at the Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp in May or 2009.

Has completed the 2ND Vice District Governors Training in Fredricton NB in May of 2016 .

Has attended the ALLI ( Advanced Lions Leadership Institute ) training in Denver Colorado in November of 2017 .

Has Attended the 1VDG District Governors Training in Corner Brook NL in May of 2018 .

Lion Carl is Planning to attend the Canada USA Forum in Columbus Ohio in September of 2018 .

Lion Carl is Currently Serving a 4 Year term on the Board of Directors at the Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp , serving as Secretary for past 2 years .

Lion Carl is one of the Founding Members of a Group of Lions that formed a Fundraising Motorcycle Ride to the Max which is currently going into its 9th year and is currently the largest Fundraising event that raises money for the operations of the LMSMC..

Outside Lionism , Lion Carl has served as a Volunteer Group Leader with the 1st Goulds’s Scouting Group Movement for over 15 Years , serving as Group Leader on 3 levels as well as on the committee for Fundraising .

 Lion Carl is he Father of 4 Sons ( Jeffrey ,Cory , Curtis ,& Adopted Son Tyler ) from his First Marriage ..

In September of 2017 Lion Carl got Married to his current Wife Sharon who has 1 Daughter ( Natalie ) .

All Children are currently working here in NL .

Lion Carl has worked in his current Job position as a Sales Representative now for the last 35 years .


  Lion Carl is looking forward to serving the District of N4 as 1 Vice District Governor for 2018 / 19 as part of the next step in his Lions Career on the Path to becoming District Governor in 2019/20 .