Whitbourne Lions Club - New Secretary

Lion Crystal Peddle
 Whitbourne new Secretary

February 23rd, 2019

QUEST Foundation Position

To date there hasn't been any nominations received for the position on Lions Quest Foundation.  Those interested are asked to submit their nomination to Lion Gerald Coombs - deadline March 3, 2019.
Thank you
DG Jennifer

February 23rd, 2019

ATTENTION: Zone and Secretary Training

Notice of changes:
Zone Chairperson training has been cancelled for February 24 due to low numbers.
Secretary Training will now start at 12:30 pm February 24. Location remains the same at Pouch Cove Lions Club.
Thank you
Lion Renee Furlong
GLT Distict N4

February 22nd, 2019

Campaign to Elect PID Patti Hill for 3rd Vice President of Lions International

At our convention in St. John’s I gave out order forms for shirts to support PID Patti fund her campaign. Also some lions ask about pins. I do not have order forms for pins but you can find them on her web site. Lions4patti.wixsite.com then open the drop down menu “Support for Campaign” then open Shop Supporter Items.


All items can be ordered on line or you can send the orders to me & I will place an order. I would hope to have these items for the Gander convention.


If you wish to have me make one order please make cheques payable to the Portugal Cove-St. Philips Lions Club. I will place the order by March 18, 2019.


It would be great if each club ordered at least one item & then it could be raffled of within your club.


I know this is not something that would be very high on your list, but it would be great if district N4 could say that we helped get PID Lion Patti elected. It will most likely be a long time before we see another Canadian as IP


Lion Fred Thompson

February 10th, 2019

Thank You from HCF

Hello Lions,


Thank you for your continued support of sight and diabetes in our province! It’s truly inspiring to partner with you and to see the impact you have, not only for the Health Care Foundation, but for all our community!


I wanted to share with you how we’ve celebrated your gifts and attached you will find our social media posts (Facebook and Twitter) and also a screenshot of the image we have running on our digital signage in all our hospitals.


I’ll also send you some pictures I took myself in separate emails (too big to send in one email!).


We’re very grateful to have the opportunity to your Annual Convention and I hope to see you all again next year!





February 9th, 2019

DG Jennifers Travels updated

February 25         Torbay Lions Club

March 2               Goulds Lions Club

March 8               Hare Bay Dover Lions Club

March 9               Gambo Lions Club

March  10            St. Brendans Lions Club

March 16              New Harbour Dildo Lions Club

March 23             Baccilieu Lions Club

April 6                  Waterford Hospital Lions Club

April 12 – 14        Convention – Gander

April 16               Sunnyside Lions Club

April 17              Southwest Arm Lions Club

April 27               Fort Point Lions Club

May 1                  Mount Pearl Lions Club

May 4                  Fortune Lions Club

May 7                  Paradise Centennial Lions Club

May 11                Terrenceville Lions Club

May 11                English Harbour East Lions Club

May 24 – 26          Multiple District Convention – Antigonish, NS

June 1                  Marystown Lions Club

June 8                  Victoria Lions Club

June 9                  Diabetes Cavalcade

June 9                   Come By Chance Lions Club

February 23rd, 2019



January 17th, 2019

CLERC Update

CLERC continues to roll along nicely, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Lions Club Volunteers. Core executive staff continue to drive operations in a professional, respectful and efficient direction. This quarter we sent 68,824 pairs of glasses to 14 different countries. Kudos to the Devon Lions who sourced 30,000 pair of new reading glasses and sunglasses that we just finished packaging up.
   The new Nissan van with the new logos is a hit. We are getting requests from clubs to use it in their town parades. The Logo is so catchy and promotes Lions so well, that we are replacing our old peeling window logos with a continuation of this theme. We have shut down the subsidiary in PEI as getting glasses was a problem. PEI will now send the glasses that are collected to our other CLERC satellite in NFLD. We are going to have to replace the old lens meters (2) in NFLD as they are basically on their last legs. We are having an exclusive Leo day at CLERC. Lil Legendary Leo’s (FLC), Sundre and Nanton Leo’s will all be in attendance. Presently settling a date with Trey Southgate (AB Leo Chair) as students have exams and other initiatives that we have to work around. We have so many Grade 12 students that need volunteer hours to graduate that we have also set up a specific day for them as well. On January 29th we are doing a power point presentation at the Strathmore School. Our supply of glasses is on the rise and we are slowly building an inventory. We are now into a busy season where a lot of glasses will be shipped. Donations of glasses are always welcomed. Please remind Clubs to check out our FaceBook page as we post in it and on Lions of Canada FB Page as well.
                                                  In Lionism. James Lee CLERC Chair

CLERC-An Out of Sight Opportunity to Aid the Vision Impaired of the World!

January 16th, 2019

CNIB Phone it Forward Program

This program is now in NL. We encourage all Lions who own smart phones, or have smart phones you aren't using, to contact N-4 Sight Conservation and Work with the Blind, or the CNIB in St. John's, when you go to upgrade


November 17th, 2018

Lions collect hearing aids

Do you have hearing aids no longer being used ??
Lions collect hearing aids and send them to regional Lions Hearing Aid Recycling Centers for refurbishing and distribution to persons in need. If you have any please let a lions member know and we will collect them from you.

November 13th, 2018

Lions Vests

Mary King does the vests telephone # 437-5423.

October 17th, 2018

Rap Challenge

Hi fellow Lions

Today I had the pleasure to attend my first Family Literacy day. Even thou I attended as a parent not a Lion, I used it as a learning tool for our RAP. At our school we read a book in our classroom,  then read another book as a whole school in the gym. Afterwards we broke up in groups and went around to different classrooms to do a craft. While this was going on there was draws made for books. I was  talking to the principal and said how can we as Lions get involved? So, this is what we came up with... this year we are donating $5 vouchers for the book fair( 1 per class). Next year we came up with the following ideas... 1. Get Lions members to read, 2. Hand out bookmarks, 3. Donate books or vouchers for books.

I would like to challenge each club to do 1 thing to promote reading in our schools by the end of this school year.

Thank you
Lion Tracy Foote (RAP CHAIR)

January 28th, 2019

St. John's Health Care Ticket Sweep

February 7th, 2019

MUN Campus Lions Fundraiser

February 11th, 2019